Some Facts About Apartment Decorating

How Apartment Renters Can Decorate

Everyone wants their living space to look as beautiful as possible, but often, decorating an apartment can be more difficult than decorating a home. Apartments are often rented, which means renters are usually limited in the ways they can decorate their living spaces. Fortunately, there are creative ideas to decorate apartments without leaving a permanent mark.

Check with Your Landlord First

Before decorating your apartment, you should learn what is allowed and what is forbidden by your complex or landlord. Nails in the walls, paint jobs, and permanent alterations to a property will probably be forbidden, and if you make such changes, you may not get your deposit back. You may even by charged extra for any damages. Read over the fine print of your lease or contact your landlord or property manager directly.

Use Removable Decorations

Using temporary or removable materials can be a wise decision when decorating an apartment, and even if you can’t paint, you can still add color to your surroundings. Pictures, paintings, temporary murals, and removable wallpaper can make your space more inviting and prevent you from staring at blank, sterile walls all day and night. When it is time to move to another place, you can simply take your accents with you.

Arrange Functional Pieces

Functional pieces like bedding, pillows, furniture, and rugs can add a splash of color and personality to your apartment. Try placing decorative pieces, such as ladder shelves, cabinets, throw pillows, and candles to your living space to truly make it yours. If you are creative and artistic, you can also construct some of the pieces yourself if you really want to add a dash of personality and character that no one else has.

Add Flowers for a Delightful Touch

Like furniture and pictures, flowers can lighten up a space and add a wealth of colors. The right flowers can even make your space smell more delightful and give off an earthy vibe. Whether you prefer real, fresh-cut flowers, or plastic decorative arrangements, flowers can make almost any space more aesthetically appealing. Live plants also give off fresh oxygen 24 hours a day.

Make It Yours